Although selection criteria for the Indian team didn’t previously include fitness, a lot has changed as cricket has developed. The best example would probably be Virat Kohli. Indian players have put a lot of effort into achieving their first. To even be considered for the Indian team, players now have to improve their level of fitness thanks to the Yo-Yo test.

Talk about players like Rohit Sharma, who frequently spark discussions about fitness, is still present, though. However, Rohit is just as fit as Kohli, according to Ankit Kaliyar, the strength and conditioning coach for India.

Ankit Kaliyar Names The Fittest Indian Cricketer

“Rohit Sharma is a fit player. He has good fitness. He looks a bit bulky but he always passes the Yo-Yo test. He is as fit as Virat Kohli. He looks like he is bulky but we have seen him on the field. His agility and mobility is amazing. He is among the fittest cricketers,” he said in a chat with the Times of India.

Speaking of Kohli, Kaliyar was unapologetically honest in acknowledging that the great batter is responsible for the team’s newfound emphasis on fitness. The India coach further disclosed that Shubman Gill views Virat Kohli as an inspiration from the standpoint of both fitness and hitting.

“Shubman is very fit. Not just fit, he is a very skillful player. There is no doubt that Shubman is inspired by Virat bhai. Be it batting, fitness, or skill, Shubman is following Virat bhai. I am sure Shubman will be doing well for the country in the coming years,” he asserted.

Ankit wanted to be associated with Indian cricket, so he pursued a career in “strength and conditioning” after playing a spell of state-level cricket and participating in the Ranji Trophy until injuries intervened.