The fans at the Wankhede Stadium turned against MI skipper Hardik Pandya. Consequently, former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar took it upon himself to address the crowd’s displeasure towards Hardik Pandya before the Mumbai Indians’ encounter with RR.

This targeting of Pandya comes from his appointment as the Indians’ captain, replacing the fan-favorite Rohit Sharma, a move that has not settled well with a faction of the fanbase.

Boos and Taunts Persist in the IPL

The incident isn’t unfamiliar, as Pandya has been facing non-stop taunting and booing throughout the ongoing tournament. It began during MI’s inaugural match against the Gujarat Titans in Ahmedabad, where fans expressed their dissatisfaction with chants of ‘Rohit, Rohit’. Even in Hyderabad, during the match against the Sunrisers, Pandya found himself under the spotlight of disapproval.

Sanjay Manjrekar’s Intervention

As the tension escalated at the Wankhede Stadium, Sanjay Manjrekar, fulfilling his duties at the toss, found himself in the unexpected position of admonishing the dissatisfied fans. The volume of boos aimed at Pandya compelled Sanjay Manjrekar to intervene, urging the crowd to “behave”. However, despite the palpable tension, Pandya appeared composed, maintaining a smile amid Sanjay Manjrekar’s call for civility.

Toss Time Insights

RR’s Decision to Bowl First

Opting for a strategic advantage, RR’s captain, Sanju Samson, won the toss and elected to field first. Samson’s decision was influenced by the perceived freshness of the wicket, offering potential assistance to the fast bowlers. His concise statement at the toss reflected RR’s intent to maintain consistency in their gameplay.

MI’s Response

In response, Pandya conveyed MI’s alignment with the preference to bowl first, citing the team’s eagerness to engage in the game and uphold their commitment to an enjoyable brand of cricket. Despite the challenges encountered in the early matches, Pandya emphasized the team’s focus on the process and expressed anticipation for an improved performance.

Team Dynamics and Aspirations

MI’s Quest for Redemption

With two consecutive losses at the commencement of the season, MI finds themselves in a precarious position, seeking redemption under the leadership of a new captain. The transition from Sharma to Pandya has been met with skepticism, magnified by the team’s lackluster performance thus far. The home-ground advantage presents an opportune moment for MI to reverse their fortunes and secure their first win of the season.

RR’s Impressive Start

Conversely, RR enters the fixture buoyed by two consecutive victories, positioning themselves as formidable contenders early in the tournament. The team’s cohesion and momentum serve as catalysts for their ambition to clinch a third consecutive win, thus establishing a commendable lead in the league standings.

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