Social media users are sharing a video of India captain Rohit Sharma being abused by Hardik Pandya. Although Pandya isn’t seen scolding Rohit in the video, it sounds like he wasn’t pleased with one of his field placements based on the audio.

The incident, which is captured on camera, must have taken place after the fourth over ended. Pandya can be heard yelling at a fielder, telling him that instead of listening to the India captain, he should be paying attention to him as he bowls.

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When Hardik Pandya Abused Rohit Sharma

Pandya has been heard cursing and beating his player on multiple occasions. He was observed mistreating Mohammed Shami in one such incident during the 2022 Indian Premier League, which infuriated the supporters on Twitter.

Fans utilized the video to settle scores this time as well. The majority of Virat Kohli supporters claimed that the video demonstrated the Indian players’ lack of respect for their captain, something that did not happen when Kohli was captain.

Watch the video here:

On Friday, December 15, one of the most significant events in IPL history occurred. The Mumbai Indians’ skipper, Rohit Sharma, who is tied for the most victories in the competition’s history, was fired. After ten arduous years, his time as a captain came to an end.

Hardik Pandya took over for Rohit Sharma and will now be the team’s captain. Many were shocked by the decision because Rohit had given the team his blood and sweat over the previous ten years, helping them win five titles and becoming the most successful team in the competition.

Many people weren’t happy with the choice to demote Rohit Sharma and install Hardik Pandya as captain. For a few seasons at least, it was expected that the senior opener would lead the team. However, Hardik’s return trade to the Mumbai Indians virtually assured that he would lead the squad, thus it wasn’t meant to be.

After playing with the Gujarat Titans for two years, Hardik Pandya was recently traded back to the Mumbai Indians. Notably, the all-rounder played for Mumbai for seven arduous years before switching teams. Many fans were upset with him for taking the captaincy and not being faithful to his former team.