George Bailey, the Chairman of Selectors for Australia, responded to Mitchell Johnson’s writing in a way that Mitchell Johnson found repulsive. Mitchell Johnson had criticized Bailey in a piece for The West Australian, asking why David Warner is being given a hero’s sendoff despite his poor red-ball performance and his part in the 2018 ball-tampering incident.

Warner announced earlier this year that he plans to retire from Test cricket in January of next year. Nevertheless, Warner has been added to Australia’s squad for the forthcoming home series against Pakistan.

The former fast bowler for Australia made these remarks on the podcast The Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show. He added that Bailey had messaged him in response to his essay, in which he had questioned why Lance Morris had withdrawn from a Sheffield Shield match in front of the impending home Test series.

Mitchell Johnson Tears Apart George Bailey

“He had sent me a message after the Lance Morris article that I wrote,” Johnson said. “It was just a little bit condescending. When you receive it at all hours of the morning, it was pretty disappointing.”

Bailey remarked, “I’ve been sent little snippets of it,” in response to Johnson’s comments in his column about him being too close to the players. I’m hoping all is OK with him. Bailey’s remark, according to 42-year-old  Mitchell Johnson, was a jab at his mental health problems.

“To ask if I’m okay because I’ve had mental health issues is pretty much downplaying my article and putting it on mental health, which is quite disgusting, I think,” Johnson said.

“It’s basically having a dig at someone’s mental health and saying that I must have something going on, a mental health issue has made me say what I have said. That’s not the truth. That’s completely the opposite. I’m actually clear-minded. I’m okay. I want to make sure everyone knows that I’m okay and I’m actually in a good headspace.

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