Former Indian Captain and currently the BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly on the occasion of 76th Independence day was interviewed by India Today. In this interview, he talked about many topics. He also expressed his love for the nation and claimed that he is very proud to live in a country like India.

The former Indian captain wished well to his fellow countrymen and said that there is no country like India. “I saw the transition how the image of India changed over time. We are proud that We live in this country,” he said.

India National Cricket Team
India. (Photo by Gareth Copley – ECB/ECB via Getty Images)

The Former Cricketer is also making a comeback in cricket at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The veteran cricketer was in a great mood during the interview and also mentioned that he is hopeful that India will be at peak form in the upcoming Asia Cup ahead of the World Cup.

Some Q/As from Sourav Ganguly’s exclusive interview with India Today:

Q. 75th Years of Independence. How Sourav Ganguly feels on this special day in our country?

Sourav: See Independence Day is a special day for all of us. This is a proud day for us. We all enjoy freedom. But those who really tried hard have given life to get this Independence We should always be grateful to them not only today but for our whole life. This is a special day for us. Warm wishes to every Indian all of you stay well. India is really an incredible country. I usually travel to every country but India is something else different from all other countries. I saw the transition and how the image of India changed over time. We are proud that We live in this country. Also, a warm wish to every Indian who stays outside the country.

Q. What are the special memories you have of Independence Day? You have played against Pakistan and Australia, England. Which are the special memories you have?

Sourav: Don’t have any specific memory. I stayed in England on Independence Day many times. Celebrating Independence Day at England is very special to us. We celebrated there. We had seen how Indians who stays there celebrated the day.

Q. In LLC you are going to play again as a captain of Team India against World XI. Excited about the match?

Sourav: Yes of course am very excited to play at Eden Gardens again (smiles). Very excited. This is a charity game on 75 years of Indian Independence Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. Will play there. It is going to be a special game. I don’t know what will happen because I am not in practice anymore.

Q. Again, we are going to see captain Sourav Ganguly, doing a toss at 22 yards and playing cover drive?

Sourav: I don’t know what will happen (smiles). I wish I can play cover drive like before. I wish I could connect bat and ball well. I will play just one game. Will enjoy the game. It’s a game for a good occasion and I am happy to participate in it.

Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly. Image Credits: Twitter

Q. Who will be the tough contenders in the World XI team do you think an LLC?

Sourav: I don’t know who will be the tough contenders (giggles). Everyone is getting old. All of us are retired. So tough in the weakest. I don’t know if I could connect the ball again or not. Or Send the ball to the gallery stands or not. Will try to play well.

Q. In Asia Cup, India will play against Pakistan. How much important is this match? What do you think of Team India in Asia Cup?

Sourav: I don’t see any match like India vs Pakistan. I see it as a tournament. India vs Pakistan is like another match to me. The India team is doing well now. I am hopeful about the team. Hope they will play their best at the tournament.

Q. Everyone saw your special skills on your 50th birthday. You dance very well. Your Wife (Dona Ganguly) is a very good dancer. Are you taking dance tips from Her?

Sourav: Dona having her birthday this month (laughs). But she will not be there in the city. She is going to her dance show. I didn’t learn dance from Dona. She learnt it from me. Sana was very shy seeing me dancing on my birthday.

Q. Coming back to Team India. Due to injury and various issues, India has got more than one captain. What is your take on the possibility to have split captaincy?

Sourav: Not about split captaincy. Rohit Sharma is captain of team India in all formats. Split captaincy may happen. But not now. Actually, Indian Players are playing a lot of crickets now. Injury and breaks will be there. All of us need breaks. There is an advantage that we can see new players in. We won at West Indies despite of Injury issue. We won in England. India is now having 30 cricketers who can play for team India’s first eleven.

Q. Is it possible to see you as ICC Chairman? Speculations are there.

Sourav: See these are all speculations. These are not right. This doesn’t happen so fast. These are all in BCCI’s and Government’s hands. So, everything is in speculations.

Q. There is one hearing running on amending the law of BCCI. What’s the update?

Sourav: Still Nothing has happened. We have to see what will happen. Will see what will happen.

Q. What will be your advice to Virat Kohli on his off form?

Sourav: Virat needs practice and has to play the match. He is a great player. He is playing very well but not getting a century. Hope He will do a century in this Asia Cup. I am very hopeful.

Q. India will be hosting the World Cup in 2023. What will be the plans and preparation BCCI will have for that?

Sourav: BCCI is getting its preparation doing everything needed to host the World Cup. But nothing has started yet. We will do it well and will be successful on that.

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