Asia Cup is all set to begin on August 27. And as per the opinions of many Cricketing Experts, India is starting as the ‘Favorite’ to win the tournament. One such opinion came from former New Zealand All-rounder, Scott Styris.

Scott Styris, while speaking with SPORTS18’s daily sports news show ‘SPORTS OVER THE TOP’, mentioned that the Indian Cricket Team is capable of beating every other team in the tournament including Pakistan. Styris also mentioned how India missed a trick during the last T20 World Cup by not playing the style that suited their players.

Rohit Sharma Babar Azam, Asia Cup 2022, India vs Pakistan
Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam. (Photo by Aamir QURESHI / AFP) (Photo by AAMIR QURESHI/AFP via Getty Images)

Scott Styris Makes His India vs Pakistan Prediction For Asia Cup 2022

Styris, in the interview, said, “Well, as we know, India has a very strong T20 league as well. I think it’s the ability to come together and play the style and brand of cricket that best suits your players. I thought that was the big trick that India missed at the last T20 World Cup as it took them about two games. The two losses they had before they just started to go after the opposition, impose themselves with the talent and skill that they’ve got.”

Indian Cricket Team
Indian Cricket Team. Image Credits: Twitter

“I want to see India do that in this Asia Cup. I want them to impose themselves on the other teams and l they’ve got the ability to do that, I think they’ve got the ability to squash everybody, including Pakistan, in this Asia Cup.” Styris clearly mentioned that India has all the required capabilities to beat other teams in the Asia Cup. He specifically pointed out Pakistan, as currently, only Pakistan is the team that could give tough competition to India in the tournament. Sarfaraz Ahmed mentioned in an interview that they have a high chance of winning their opening match which is scheduled against India.

Middling Attitude Will Affect India: Styris

However, Styris said that India shouldn’t head into the tournament with a middling attitude and feels that’s where Pakistan have figured things out better.

Scott Styris
Scott Styris. Image Credits: Twitter

He said, “But if they’re going to go into this with this middling attitude of how they want to play the game, then I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think that’s where Pakistan have figured things out a little bit more. So yes, they’ve got great T20 competition, but so does India. I don’t think that’s going to be a defining moment or factor in this match.”

India will be playing against Pakistan in the second match of the tournament. The nail-biting encounter between these two Cricketing Powerhouses Of Asia will take place on August 28.

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